John C Glascock is a well traveled avid photographer.

He has taken thousands of photos over the last seventy years.

He is married to Janet A Anderson.  They live in San Diego, California.

The best of their photos are presented on this website for your pleasure.

In Memoriam

John Glascock passed away Oct. 13 at his home in San Diego, California, from cancer. John lived through the Great Depression and served in the U.S. Army in World War II, and considered both experiences to be pivotal in his life.

Born in Kirkwood, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, in 1920,  he enjoyed a  middle-class childhood until his father lost his white-collar job due to the crashing economy. John and his older brother Alvin helped support his family, including younger brother Jacque, by collecting coal and discarded produce, and by working part-time jobs when they could. They were fortunate to have an older cousin in the National Guard who helped them join that organization once they graduated from high school, which provided not only income but a weekly hot bath, as John was fond of explaining. In 1940 the National Guard units were inducted into federal service, and so John became part of the Sixth Armored Division of George Patton's Third Army, in Missouri's 128th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. Sergeant Glascock earned five campaign stars for battles in Normandy, Northern France, the Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe, and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the Bronze Star medal for his service as Communications Chief, maintaining communications for his battery during periods of extremely adverse weather and enemy fire. After the war, John rejoined his National Guard unit and rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant in 1950.

Thanks to the G.I. Bill of Rights, John was able to enroll in St. Louis's Washington University, to which he was accepted for study while he was still in Germany awaiting transport home. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1950, and began his professional engineering career. His first professional decade was devoted to the practical application of communication systems technology to U.S. Navy and Air Force communication facilities in Japan, the Philippines, and other Pacific locations while working as a tech rep for Philco Corporation, and to microwave-carrier systems in the U.S.A. and Mexico while with Lenkurt Electric Company. His second decade of engineering was applied to the broader field of application of computer-based information system technology to sensing, data acquisition, processing, control and optimization of a variety of space, military, industrial, and commercial processes, During his third decade, John managed Rockwell International projects for commercial and governmental information-processing organizations including the American and Brazilian stock exchanges and the city of Anaheim, California. Then, at Sohio Petroleum Company, he had overall responsibility for planning, design, and implementation of telecommunication systems in support of oil field and corporate networks in Alaska and the continental U.S. He retired in 1986.

During retirement, John enjoyed more intensive involvement in his lifelong pursuits of hiking, traveling and photography. He developed an interest in bird photography and has taken many birding and sightseeing trips with his wife Janet Anderson. Together they retraced the route of John's WWII campaigns and documented some of the changes in the landscape since that time. They also visited and photographed Russia, China, Central and South America, and many locations in the U.S.A.

John was an open-minded, productive, generous and happy person who enriched the lives of all who knew him. We will remember him always.