Welcome to our website - www.jajg.com -  !

This website presents a brief tour of the activities in words and pictures of John Glascock, Janet Anderson, and Jacques Delos.  We live in San Diego where the environment provides for many outdoor activities and the city hosts many cultural events.  Although life here is delightful, we also enjoy visiting and photographing other people and places around the world, including the birds.

We take many pictures for the enjoyment of family, friends and others who may share our interests.  Almost all of the pictures we post are taken by us, or they were restored from old photographs by John.  A few pictures are borrowed from others and credits are given where appropriate. 
Our first website was started in July 2004, our second was started in October 2007. 
We continue to add galleries and pictures to our second site.

Our website now contains over six thousand pictures and continues to grow. 
There are now well over one million album views from around the world.
Thank you all !

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Feel free to browse around our website.  If you have any comments, corrections, or
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